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Duquesne Light Application – Apply Online At Duquesne Light Today

Duquesne Light Job Application Online

Duquesne Light is an electric company that provides service to half a million customers in southwestern Pennsylvania. They also provide Internet service. Their headquarters are located in Pittsburgh. Their parent company is DQE Inc., a publicly traded company. You should consider a Duquesne Light online application for employment if you’re interested in entering the energy industry and live in that area of Pennsylvania.

Duquesne Light Jobs Available

Duquesne Light hires many professional and technical positions to run their company, build and service their electric lines, and assist customers. If you have previous experience working with electrical lines then you may be able to submit a Duquesne Light job application for troubleshooter or other technical position. Party time entry level work is available as Customer Service Representative or Auto Dialing Operator. These jobs involve about 1,000 hours of work a year, and require you to take a pre-employment test.

Minimum Employment Age At Duquesne Light:

18 is the minimally required age to fill out a Duquesne Light job application online.

Duquesne Light Store Hours

Duquesne Light is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Duquesne Light

Duquesne Light only accepts Duquesne Light applications for positions which are currently opened and listed on their careers website below. If you don’t find anything you are interested in submitting a Duquesne Light application form for, then check back again regularly for new openings. All applicants must go through the E-Verify process to verify their legal right to work within the United States. Many positions require a pre-employment test to show that you have the skills for the position. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to know everything you’ll need to, just that you have enough knowledge and ability to be successful in their training program.

Following your Duquesne Light online application, you should be prepared for one or more rounds of interviews, a background check and a drug test. Typical interview questions may be directed at your past work experience, your future goals, and your work ethic. They will probably want to know how you might handle particular situations with customers or co-workers. Answer questions specifically but succinctly. If you need a moment to think, it’s better to be quiet than to fill the time with meaningless chatter. When the interview is over, shake hands and thank everybody, then remember to send a thank you note or email a couple of days later.

Most Common Positions At Duquesne Light & Income Information

The most common positions at Duquesne Light are professional positions, although exact openings vary widely. It makes many different kinds of workers to run an electric company. Entry level work may be available in customer service, administration or other supporting departments. Pay will vary according to job.

Duquesne Light Benefits

Full time employees of Duquesne Light may  have access to benefits such as health, medical and dental insurance, retirement options and paid time off. You will enjoy being part of a large, reputable business with a long history of excellence, and taking advantage of the opportunities for training and advancement which they offer. To start the hiring process, fill out a Duquesne Light job application form and submit it today.

To visit Duquesne Light’s website click here.

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