Eastern Propane And Oil Application

Eastern Propane And Oil Application – Apply Online At Eastern Propane And Oil Today

Eastern Propane And Oil Job Application Online

Eastern Propane and Oil is a family owned business that provides not only propane and heating oil, but which also sells and installs home and commercial heating cooling systems, swimming pool heating systems and more. They have 85,000 customers across five states in the northeast: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. They’re one of the largest propane retailers in the country.

Eastern Propane and Oil Jobs Available

Two common jobs which may be available with Eastern Propane and Oil are customer service representative and LP Service and Installation Technician. Customer service representative is an entry-level position requiring the ability to deal with telephones and computers, to answer questions and to be polite and friendly. LP Service and Installation Technician involves installing and repairing oil and gas equipment, and requires previous work experience and appropriate certifications and licenses. Other entry level work may be available as sales associate, administrative assistant and meter reader.

Minimum Employment Age At Eastern Propane And Oil:

You must be at least 18 before you can fill out an Eastern Propane and Oil job application form.

Eastern Propane And Oil Store Hours

Eastern Propane and Oil operates primarily during usual business hours, but their emergency services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Eastern Propane And Oil

An Eastern Propane and Oil online application for employment is available for your convenience. You should fill it out on your computer and email it to the link provided in the job description. It’s a good idea to attach a resume to your Eastern Propane and Oil job application. They’re interested primarily in your last five years of employment history, so that is what you should focus on. Treat your email as a cover letter. Introduce yourself and briefly explain why you think you’d be perfect for the job. Be sure to thank them for their consideration.

You should expect to hear back about two weeks after you submit your Eastern Propane and Oil application form. Prepare for a potential interview by researching the company and the job you’ll be doing. Review your own past work history and be ready to answer questions about it. Expect questions relating to how you would do your job, how you might handle situations with coworkers or customers, etc. Afterwards, send a thank you note.

Most Common Positions At Eastern Propane And Oil & Income Information

It may be difficult to find an Eastern Propane and Oil online application for entry-level work if that’s what you’re seeking. If you are a professional in business or the energy industry then you will know which jobs are suitable for you. Those seeking entry level jobs should be persistent, and continue to review the list of Eastern Propane and Oil applications available. You can be confident of being paid a fair salary according to industry standards.

Eastern Propane And Oil Benefits

Eastern Propane and Oil provides excellent benefits for its employees. They pay the entire premium for dental, health, life and disability insurance. They also offer a 401(k), flexible spending accounts, discounts on gas and oil, prepaid legal services and other perks. If these sound good, put in an Eastern Propane and Oil job application online immediately.

To visit Eastern Propane And Oil’s website click here.

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