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Hawaiian Electric Industries Application – Apply Online At Hawaiian Electric Industries Today

Hawaiian Electric Industries Job Application Online

Hawaiian Electric Industries is a power supply company based in Hawaii, United States with the company’s main office located in Honolulu. It currently supplies 95% of the islands’ homes and businesses with power through its various utilities and maintains ownership over a financial institution serving Hawaii, American Savings Bank. The easiest way to apply for a job at one of those organizations is to submit a Hawaiian Electric Industries job application online.

More than 2,000 employees are currently working at Hawaiian Electric Industries or one of its utilities, with more job positions open to electrical technicians and professionals in management, customer services and electrical engineering divisions, or the utility industry in particular. The company is currently accepting Hawaiian Electric Industries application submissions and looking to welcome new additions to their team.

Hawaiian Electric Industries Jobs Available

The following list represents the possible job positions available to candidates who fill out their Hawaiian Electric Industries job application form. The availability of particular jobs may vary depending on company locations and utilities.

Electrical TechnicianCustomer Service Representative

Equipment Operator

Gas Control Technician

Gas Distribution Engineer

External Reporting AnalystMeter Reader

Business Analyst

Accounting Analyst

Operations Specialist

Minimum Employment Age At Hawaiian Electric Industries:

Hawaiian Electric Industries online application for employment at their corporate office or one of its utilities can be submitted by any individual who is 18 or older.

Hawaiian Electric Industries Store Hours

All the essential services at Hawaiian Electric Industries are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Hawaiian Electric Industries

  • Hawaiian Electric Industries online application is made available through the iRecruitment system, for both the company’s and the candidates’ convenience. All job seekers are required to register their individual Applicant Account, where they may view and update their application data for as often as they like.
  • Email applications are no longer considered by Hawaiian Electric Industries.
  • Before finalizing your Hawaiian Electric Industries job application, make sure to reread the individual requirements for your intended job position. Even the most basic information can help you understand the perfect resume your potential future employers are looking for.
  • Proofread your Hawaiian Electric Industries application form. Even when applying through the iRecruitment system grammatical and spelling mistakes or typos can reflect badly on your hiring chances.

Most Common Positions At Hawaiian Electric Industries & Income Information

Meter Readers check energy consumption levels, output and other real-time statistical data at different Hawaiian Electric Industries power supply sites. The salary will be at the level of most other entry-level positions in the industry.

Electrical Technicians and Engineers deal with installation, maintenance and repair of the company’s power supply services. These positions can provide employees of Hawaiian Electric Industries with an average salary of $25,000 to $50,000, depending on individual qualifications and location, along with all the standard employment benefits.

Customer Service Representatives communicate with the company’s clients, shareholders and potential investors and earn an average salary of $30,000 per year.

Engineering, marketing, analytic, management and other positions at Hawaiian Electric Industries each have an individual compensation plan, which can be verified at the company’s official career website available at the end of this page.

Hawaiian Electric Industries Benefits

Hawaiian Electric Industries offer many opportunities for career advancement and believe that employees are at the core of the company’s success, making a commitment to trust, respect, appreciation, integrity and teamwork at their professional working environment.

Other employment benefits include competitive salaries, several community programs, flexible working shift options, convenient locations, company sponsored health care coverage, along with most types of insurance, a matched 401(k) retirement plan, continued industry-specific training, time off, paid vacation and a stable year-round working opportunity with no layoffs.

If you are interested in entry-level or qualified work in the utilities industry, go ahead and submit your Hawaiian Electric Industries job application online.

To visit Hawaiian Electric Industries’s website click here.

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