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IDACORP Application – Apply Online At IDACORP Today

IDACORP Job Application Online

Founded in 1998, IDACORP is an American-based electrical utility company headquartered in Boise, Idaho. It currently operates in the fields of hydroelectric power production and affordable housing through various business locations and offices. To maintain its high standard of services and successful growth rate, the always open to new IDACORP application submissions.

IDACORP employs a team of more than 2,000 qualified professionals in the field of customer care, management, technical service and other departments of importance to the utility industry. They operate in the company’s various locations, including 17 hydroelectric power stations. Submit your IDACORP job application today for a chance to being work at one of these utility industry sites.

IDACORP Jobs Available

IDACORP online application submissions are open to the following job positions.

Customer Service RepresentativeProduction Engineer

Maintenance Mechanic

Area Operations Supervisor

Service TechnicianAccountant

IT Analyst

Financial Analyst

Minimum Employment Age At IDACORP:

To submit an IDACORP job application form, a potential candidate must be 18 or older.

IDACORP Store Hours

IDACORP generally offers their services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Store hours for individual locations may vary and should be verified at the company’s official website.

Important Tips To Apply Online With IDACORP

There is no standardized IDACORP application form available on the company’s career website. All applicants are required to submit their application by email, along with all the relevant documents (cover letter, resume and optional references).

Even if the company has no openings available at the time, you may send your application and resume to be put up for future consideration, which is a common practice among most high-profile employers.

The email address to send your IDACORP online application for employment can be found in the contacts section of the company’s official career website.

Be careful about hiding information about your previous work experience, even if it may reflect badly on your chances (for example, in the case when the time of employment was suspiciously brief). Even if the company does not commit themselves to a thorough investigation, the information you hide may be freely available online.

Remember to proofread all of your application documents before submitting them online. Your resume and cover letter are short documents, which makes a good presentation of data even more necessary.

Most Common Positions At IDACORP & Income Information

As a successful and rapidly growing electric utility company, IDACORP provides its employees with salaries that are in the industry average range and on some occasions may exceed it. The exact income figures are not disclosed on the company’s website, but the overall picture can be seen by reading online reports from individual IDACORP employees.

IDACORP Benefits

IDACORP offers its full-time employees all of the usual employment benefit packages, which include competitive wages, friendly work environment, a flexible compensation plan, engaging community programs, matched 401(k) plans, most types of medical insurance, free health care, sick leave, time off, paid vacation on all major holidays, rapid career growth for motivated individuals and professional training options.

For a chance to become a part of the IDACORP team and take advantage of all these benefits, submit your IDACORP job application online.

To visit IDACORP’s website click here.

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