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Lenoir City Utilities Board Application – Apply Online At Lenoir City Utilities Board Today

Lenoir City Utilities Board Job Application Online

Lenoir City Utilities Board has been providing gas, water, electric, sewer and tree trimming services to the communities of Loudon, Roane, and Knox, Tennessee since the 1930s. The company is dedicated to providing quality service to their consumer base as well as information on energy conservation and safety. In more recent years, the company has also embraced the idea of environmentally friendly energy production and is constantly looking for ways to improve their product to meet these growing standards. If you are interested in joining a company passionate about serving the community prepare a Lenoir City Utilities Board online application for employment and submit it today.

Lenoir City Utilities Board Jobs Available

You may submit a Lenoir City Utilities Board application form for any of the following positions: Administrative Assistant, Assistant General Manager, Chief Electrical Engineer, Customer Service Manager, Electric Superintendent, General Manager, Information Technology, Manager of Water/Wastewater, Mapping/GIS, Risk Manager, State Electrical Inspectors, Substation/Power Quality Engineer, Superintendent of Gas and Tree Trimming.

Minimum Employment Age At Lenoir City Utilities Board:

The Lenoir City Utilities Board job application online is available to applicants of eighteen years of age or older.

Lenoir City Utilities Board Store Hours

In order to adequately meet the needs of its consumer base and address potential emergency situations, the Lenoir City Utilities Board is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Lenoir City Utilities Board

  • The link below will send you to the webpage where you can find your Lenoir City Utilities Board online application. Any positions available with the company will be listed on this site along with a link to a digital application for you to fill out. Only positions available for hire will be listed, so be sure to check back often if you are hoping to secure a specific job.
  • A Lenoir City Utilities Board job application form is not available in a printable format. Any positions which are available with the company will be listed on the career page of their website.
  • Some positions require employee certification due to potential hazards you may experience on the job site. If you have already completed this training, be sure to mention it when you apply.

Most Common Positions At Lenoir City Utilities Board & Income Information

Lenoir City Utilities Board requires employees out in the field that can maintain the energy providing technology for the community, as well as those in the office that can deal with the question and concerns of customers. The most common Lenoir City Utilities Board job application offerings include entry-level positions talking on the phone with customers that need assistance or reading meters to record billing information. Upward mobility from these positions is readily available and encouraged.

Lenoir City Utilities Board Benefits

Lenoir City Utilities Board wants all of their employees to be comfortable working in the position in which they are hired. To be sure employees have the technical skills required on the job and have the opportunity for career advancement within the company, training and certification courses are available. Your Lenoir City Utilities Board application will also include information regarding the 401(k) benefits, health insurance, and paid vacation time offered to employees. Eligible representatives of the company can also expect a discount on services.

To visit Lenoir City Utilities Board’s website click here.

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