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Magnolia Electric Power Association Application – Apply Online At Magnolia Electric Power Association Today

Magnolia Electric Power Association Job Application Online

The Magnolia Electric Power Association provides electrical service to several rural areas in Mississippi. The Association is a non-profit, consumer-owned cooperative that is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors which is elected by its membership. Anyone living within the counties it covers may apply for membership and electric service with them. Counties receiving electric service from Magnolia Electric Power Association include Pike, Walthall, Lincoln, Lawrence, Franklin and Amite. Their total membership is almost 30,000, most of whom are residential, and it employs more than 80 full time employees.

Magnolia Electric Power Association Jobs Available

Most electric companies employ a combination of business and technical professionals. This includes positions such as engineer, lineman (the people who construct and maintain electrical lines), service technicians, meter reader, customer service representative, administrative assistant, manager and more. Positions such as meter reader and customer service representative may be considered entry level.

Minimum Employment Age At Magnolia Electric Power Association:

You must be at least 18 to fill out a Magnolia Electric Power Association job application form.

Magnolia Electric Power Association Store Hours

Magnolia Electric Power Association remains in operation 24 hours a 7, days a week, although their offices probably operate in normal business hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Magnolia Electric Power Association

There is no Magnolia Electric Power Association online application for employment at their website, nor do they list job openings. If you wish to submit a Magnolia Electric Power Association application, you will have to contact the company directly. Call or, better yet, stop by in person to ask if they have a Magnolia Electric Power Association application form you can fill out. Even if they have no current openings, ask if they’re able to keep applications and resumes on file in case of future openings.

You may also chose to search local and Internet job listings for a Magnolia Electric Power Association job application online. Some positions, such as lineman, may come open more often than others. If there’s a particular job you would like to have, spend your time discovering what certifications or training you might need to qualify for it, and follow through on them so that you can get the job of your dreams when it becomes available.

Most Common Positions At Magnolia Electric Power Association & Income Information

In order to submit a Magnolia Electric Power Association job application you should have some technical or professional training which suits you to work in an electric company. Most jobs will require some level of education or previous experience, and many require specific certifications. Pay will vary not only according to position, but also how much training and experience you bring with you into the field.

Magnolia Electric Power Association Benefits

You might chose to fill out a Magnolia Electric Power Association online application or application form because you want to work with a smaller company that really makes a difference in the lives of its customers. Because Magnolia Electric Power Association is not a for-profit business, its focus is not on making money but providing the best service and meeting the needs of its members. Additionally, employees may qualify for benefits such as healthcare insurance, paid vacation and sick leave, and retirement options such as a 401(k) account.

To visit Magnolia Electric Power Association’s website click here.

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