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Minnkota Power Cooperative Application – Apply Online At Minnkota Power Cooperative Today

Minnkota Power Cooperative Job Application Online

Servicing over 34,000 miles of northwest Minnesota and eastern North Dakota, Minnkota Power Cooperative generates and transmits power through eleven other distribution cooperatives. With its mission of keeping their electricity services the best value in the region they serve, they have succeeded by having the lowest wholesale rates for energy service in the US. Their coal generated power plant is one of the lowest cost stations to run in the nation. The company also operates two wind turbines for a greener alternative of energy generation. For exciting career opportunities in the electric utilities field, submit your Minnkota Power Cooperative online application for employment.

 Minnkota Power Cooperative Jobs Available

You may submit a Minnkota Power Cooperative application form for any of the following positions: accountant, civil engineer, communications network engineer, diesel mechanic, dispatcher, electrical engineer, electrical line worker, electrical technician, electrician, environmental engineer, facilities specialist, foreman, heavy equipment operator, human resource manager, lineman, machinist, maintenance technician, mechanical engineer, operations manager, power plant operator, project engineer, project manager, sales manager, service manager and welder.

Minimum Employment Age At Minnkota Power Cooperative:

The Minnkota Power Cooperative job application online is available to applicants of eighteen or older.

Minnkota Power Cooperative Store Hours

The power plant and operations facilities are looking for employees with flexible schedules to accommodate the many shifts available in both the power plant and company headquarters, as they operate on a 24-hour day-to-day schedule.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Minnkota Power Cooperative

  • You will need to navigate to the company’s Employment page to search for open positions within the company. To access their Employment page, click on the “Employment” link at the right of the company webpage. You can view the job opening statuses and fill out the Minnkota Power Cooperative online application.
  • You can also pick up a Minnkota Power Cooperative job application form at the company’s headquarters located in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Fill it out completely, attach your resume with any additional school transcript records required, and return the whole package back to company headquarters.

Most Common Positions At Minnkota Power Cooperative & Income Information

Minnkota Power Cooperative has positions available for both part-time and full-time applicants. Competitive pay is included with these entry-level positions, such as customer service representatives, and sales and service associates. Career positions available include many engineering and electrical technical positions, such as welders and civil engineers. Applicants seeking these positions may need to have proper training or school certification to be eligible for these jobs. Other career positions include managerial and human resource jobs. All career associates receive generous salary benefits, depending on previous experiences. Applicants looking for a career in the energy generation and transmission field should submit a Minnkota Power Cooperative job application for consideration.

Minnkota Power Cooperative Benefits

Potential employees who have submitted their Minnkota Power Cooperative application will be entitled to a great benefits package. Minnkota Power Cooperative offers to its qualified employees retirement savings plans, disability coverage options, as well as paid sick time, holiday and vacation time, and paid leave for bereavement. Health insurance for eligible workers includes dental and vision options, and employees also receive life insurance benefits. Paid training is also given to employees, to further their careers and help them advance in their field.

To visit Minnkota Power Cooperative’s website click here.

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