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NiSource Job Application Online

NiSource is a major regulated energy utility that provides natural gas and electricity power to almost 4 million customers (3.3 million gas customers across 16 states and 455,000 electricity customers in northern Indiana). They also operate one of the largest underground natural gas storage facilities in the United States holding over 600 billion cubic feet of gas! The electricity plants operated by NiSource are powered by a combination of natural gas, hydropower, wind generated power and coal. NiSource is a large company and a NiSource online application for employment will provide an interesting and successful career in the energy industry with opportunities for career development and promotion to management or supervisory positions.

NiSource Jobs Available

You may submit a NiSource application form for any of the following positions: Administrative Assistant, Compressor Station Operator, Communication Specialist, Damage Prevention Coordinator, Environmental Coordinator, Field Engineer, Fleet Consultant, Gas Measurement Supervisor, Human Resources Consultant, Leakage/Corrosion Mechanic, Manager Optimization, New Business Development Manager, New Business Representative, Plant/Service Specialist, Senior Financial Support Analyst, Supervisor System Operations, Supply Chain Consultant and Team Leader Gas Operations.

Minimum Employment Age At NiSource:

The NiSource job application online is available to applicants of 18 years of age or older.

NiSource Store Hours

Being a service company NiSource customer service operations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Other offices and facilities operated by NiSource will have different work hours depending on their function and many will require employees to work day and night shift hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With NiSource

  • From the NiSource website click on the “Careers” link at the top of the webpage and then click on the “Search Jobs” link to view current job vacancies. You can enter search parameters such as keywords and job locations or view all job listings.
  • Click on a job title to view a position description including responsibilities and required qualifications. Click on the “Apply Now” button at the bottom of the webpage to complete a NiSource online application.
  • To complete a NiSource job application form you will be required to set up a user account which will include your contact information and resume details including work experience, skills, education and qualifications.

Most Common Positions At NiSource & Income Information

NiSource employs people in entry level, technical, trade and professional positions for both administrative and field operations. Common roles include Customer Service Representatives, Communication Specialists, Mechanics, Field Engineers, Plant/Service Specialists, Supervisors and management positions. Employees in administrative positions are typically paid an average salary of $40,000, Communication Specialists $60,000 plus and a Field Engineer earns an average salary of $57,000. A company manager is paid based off their level of experience, qualifications and the seniority of their role. Submitting a successful NiSource job application opens an opportunity for extensive company training including leadership training to develop skills and experience to further your career towards a more senior role as a supervisor or in management.

NiSource Benefits

A successful NiSource application offers more than just a competitive salary and an interesting career. Employees will also receive various company benefits with a work/life balance approach which includes employee assistance programs, paid vacations, flexible work schedules and work from home options. They also provide medical insurance with coverage for prescriptions, dental and vision; a 401(K) retirement plan, life insurance, disability and accident insurance.

To visit NiSource’s website click here.

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