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NW Natural Job Application Online

NW Natural is an energy company providing electrical power to cities near the Pacific Coast in the Northwest United States. The company has its roots in the start-up business (more than a century and a half ago) of a pair of friends founding a gas company to power the new innovation of gas lamps for the streets, businesses, and homes of the city of Portland. Now serving well over half a million buildings in more than one hundred Oregon and Washington communities, NW Natural still maintains its headquarters in Portland, Oregon. With a strong commitment to the environment, NW Natural features a “Smart Energy” program which enlists the backing of its own customers to fund and carry out innovative and ecologically minded environmental projects in the Pacific Northwest. When you submit a NW Natural online application for employment, you can be assured you are associating yourself with a long established and socially responsible corporation which provides steady employment to its workers.

NW Natural Jobs Available

The company invites you to complete a NW Natural application form for any currently listed job opening, which may include any of the following: Controls Engineer, Customer Service Representative, Business Systems Specialist, Administrative Assistant, Project Manager, Project Engineer, Tax Manager, Tax Analyst, Architecture Information Services Specialist, Human Resources Manager or Human Resources Coordinator.

Minimum Employment Age At NW Natural:

The Sample job application is open to any adult applicant who has reached the age of eighteen.

NW Natural Store Hours

The working hours for a position with NW Natural will depend largely on the type of position for which you apply. The headquarters and local offices, for example, run on standard week-day business operating hours, but jobs in the field (particularly maintenance and service positions) may include weekend or evening shifts to provide service availability to customers.

Important Tips To Apply Online With NW Natural

  • Click on the “Careers” link available at the top of the web page and peruse the online career center and its many resources. Helpful sub-pages here include a searchable listing of available positions (each with a NW Natural careers application), an explanation of the available benefits, a description of the company culture, and an overview of the employment programs offered.
  • The menu at the left side of the Careers page includes a link labeled “Job Opportunities,” which will take you to the current listing of available positions, each with a detailed description and a link to the NW Natural job application form online for that job.
  • For any listed job that interests you, click the green button labeled “Details” in order to read the comprehensive description of that position. The requirements and qualifications are outlined, along with the essential function and responsibilities of the person who holds that position. Accompanying links allow you to print the application, forward it by email, or complete the NW Natural application online.

Most Common Positions At NW Natural & Income Information

Positions for which you can submit a NW Natural job application online will range in their pay as they range in qualifications and expectations. Field positions in maintenance or meter reading generally pay hourly, while engineering or management positions draw salaries. The payment expectations for each position will be listed with the job description for that opening.

NW Natural Benefits

When your application for NW Natural results in a job offer, you will be able to enjoy the standard offering of benefits which include health insurance; life insurance; dental and vision insurance; disability insurance for both long-term and short-term changes in employability; wages competitive in the industry; retirement planning including a 401(K); and paid time off in the form of federal and state holidays, vacations, and sick days. NW Natural also provides extensive training for many of its positions, and you can keep in mind that the company offers plenty of opportunities for career growth for the motivated employee.

To visit NW Natural’s website click here.

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