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Oklahoma Gas and Electric Application – Apply Online At Oklahoma Gas and Electric Today

Oklahoma Gas and Electric Job Application Online

Oklahoma Gas and Electric has been providing energy to the homes and businesses of Oklahoma for well over a century, and its proud history includes such innovations as the first use of gas and steam-powered turbines combining to produce electricity for public use. The company has stayed on the industry’s cutting edge, implementing computerized technology well ahead of its time, and being the first in Oklahoma to offer wind energy as a viable power source for its consumers. Just last year the company was awarded the national recognition of “Utility of the Year” by the industry’s magazine, Electric Light and Power. With its  long and steady history, this company offers secure career opportunities, which you can tap into with your Oklahoma Gas and Electric online application for employment.

 Oklahoma Gas and Electric Jobs Available

To secure a job with this company, simply complete and submit an Oklahoma Gas and Electric application form for any of the following positions for which you qualify:  Systems Analyst, Turbine Engineer, Mechanic, Compression Technician, Plant Engineer, DOT Compliance Coordinator, Processing Engineer, Construction Services, Plant Foreman,  District Substation Operations, Information Systems Security, DCC Operator, Help Desk Support,   Area Relay Technician, Manager Security, Project Engineer, IT Quality Assurance, Shift Coordinator, Water & Ops Chemistry, Performance Improvement Consultant, Pipeline Operator Communications or Pipeline Operator.

Minimum Employment Age At Oklahoma Gas and Electric:

The Oklahoma Gas and Electric job application is open to any applicant who has reached the age of eighteen.

Oklahoma Gas and Electric Store Hours

The company itself is operating around the clock and every day of the year, so many of its positions (at power plants and in the field) will also include weekend or evening hours. Jobs in the regional offices or headquarters generally stay within the boundaries of the standard working week business hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Oklahoma Gas and Electric

  • Click on the “Careers” link at the top right corner of the website to find out everything you might need to know about completing a successful Oklahoma Gas and Electric careers application.
  • Resource pages on the online Career Center include information about the company’s benefits and corporate culture, internships and educational partnerships, and recruitment events, as well as a searchable database of open positions around the state, each with an Oklahoma Gas and Electric job application form online.
  • Before you submit a Oklahoma Gas and Electric application, ask a friend to proof-read and help you ensure that your writing is error-free, and you have presented yourself in the best light as a suitable candidate.

Most Common Positions at Oklahoma Gas and Electric & Income Information

Your Oklahoma Gas and Electric job application online can open up a number of doors for you, not least of which is the opportunity for career growth. A person might begin at an entry-level hourly job at minimum wage, but with the comprehensive trainings and opportunities provided through the “Education Partners” program, a motivated employee can seize the opportunity for upward mobility within the company, with goals like a salaried position in mind.

Oklahoma Gas and Electric Benefits

Your application for Oklahoma Gas and Electric can lead to the security of a full-time career position with benefits that include will position you to enjoy competitive wages for the industry; health coverage that incorporates prescription drugs, vision, and dental; retirement planning with employer-matched 401(K) savings; paid holidays and vacations; and a tax-sheltered cafeteria plan to help with costs of child care or medical expenses. The Education Partners  program can also open doors for additional college education in a number of related subject areas.

To visit Oklahoma Gas and Electric’s website click here.

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