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PacifiCorp Job Application Online

PacifiCorp is an electric company that provides service to residents in Oregon, Southeastern Washington and Northern California.  It is a regulated electric utility company that has been a subsidiary of Mid-American Energy Holdings Company Since 2006.  The headquarters are located in Portland, Oregon.  The company employs over 6,000 people to serve over 1.66 million customers.  Many people have had long and successful careers working for PacifiCorp and people are encouraged to fill out a PacifiCorp job application start their career as soon as possible.

PacifiCorp Jobs Available

PacifiCorp hires a very diverse workforce and employs people in both full and part time positions.  They available positions include administrative and clerical positions, engineering, customer service, safety, human resources, real estate, IT, public affairs and operations management to name just a few.

Minimum Employment Age At PacifiCorp:

The minimum age of reemployment at PacifiCorp is 18 years old. The PacifiCorp job application form states that some positions can be filled by people under the age of 18 that have the required proof of eligibility from the state and local government.

PacifiCorp Store Hours

The hours of operation depends on the job position that a person has.  Some positions require staffing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while others operate during normal business hours only. A person can request specific hours when filling out the PacifiCorp online application.

Important Tips To Apply Online With PacifiCorp

The PacifiCorp website has a listing of all of the positions that are open with the organization.  A person can search for all open positions in all of the locations for the organization or they can narrow their search down using the type of job they are interested in, the location they would prefer and the specific organization they would like to work for.  They will find a PacifiCorp job application online for the open positions.

When a person is searching for PacifiCorp online application for employment, it makes sense to narrow the search down.  It is more useful to look for jobs that they are qualified for and that they would be willing to accept.  It is not a good idea to apply for a job in a location that you are not willing to travel to.  It is also a bad idea to apply for a job that you do not have the education or the experience for.  It is important to read the job description carefully to make sur3e yo0u apply for the jobs that fit you best before filling out a PacifiCorp application form.

Most Common Positions At PacifiCorp & Income Information

With over 6,000 employees it is not easy to say what the most common position at PacifiCorp is.  They have a very diverse group of employees, but one of the most common starting positions for people at PacifiCorp is in customer service and offers people a competitive hourly rate.  There are positions that are both salaried and hourly and people can find both full and part-time work at PacifiCorp.  A person can put their salary requirements on the PacifiCorp Application.

PacifiCorp Benefits

PacifiCorp offers their employees a full line of benefits that include a competitive base pay, annual incentive programs, recognition programs, and performance based raises.  They also offer medical, dental and life insurance, paid time off, and a matching retirement program that begins with the second paycheck a person receives.  They believe that the employees are the most important asset for the company and will work to make sure that their employees have everything they need during their career with PacifiCorp.

For more information about employment opportunities at PacifiCorp, check out their website.

To visit PacifiCorp’s website click here.

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