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Pasadena Water and Power Application – Apply Online At Pasadena Water and Power Today

Pasadena Water and Power Job Application Online

Pasadena Water and Power first started providing the citizens of Pasadena with services in 1908.  Their first priority is to give their customers the best possible utility service.  The only way they can do this is through a dedicated and motivated team of employees.  If you are interested in join the Pasadena Power and Water Company team it is time to fill out a Pasadena Water and Power job application.  They are always on the lookout for employees that will help them reach their goals.

Pasadena Water and Power Jobs Available

Pasadena Water and Power has several opportunities now available for people.  These positions include positions as maintenance workers, engineers, customer service representatives and administrative positions.  The Pasadena Water and Power online application for employment can be used to apply for many of these positions

Minimum Employment Age At Pasadena Water and Power:

The minimum age of reemployment at Pasadena Water and Power is 18 years old.  People under the age of 18 will have to check the required box on the Pasadena Water and Power job application form and show proof of eligibility for employment.

Pasadena Water and Power Store Hours

Pasadena Water and Power customer service office is open Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 5:30PM.  They are not open on major holidays.  People can get in touch with customer service representatives on the phone at any time of the day or night throughout the year.  Availability for an employee can be filled out on the Pasadena Water and Power application.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Pasadena Water and Power

A person will find a Pasadena Water and Power online application and can fill it out and send it to the human resources department.  The site will also show the positions that are currently open and a person should apply for the ones that they are qualified for.  The location of the position and the need for travel during work will vary depending on the position a person applies for.  The website also offers people who want to fill out a Pasadena Water and Power application form job application builder software to help with the process

The use of social media is becoming more common and most people have a presence on one of the social media networks.  Businesses are now checking the social network pages of people who apply for positions with them.  A person should take the time to remove any information or pictures or other inappropriate material from their social network page before they fill out a Pasadena Water and Power job application.  It is almost certain that anything that is not appropriate will be taken into consideration when evaluating an applicant.

Most Common Positions At Pasadena Water and Power & Income Information

Most of the people who work for Pasadena Power maintain the system that is in place.  These maintenance workers earn a salary that ranges from $4,000 to $5,000 a month.  There are also positions that pay on an hourly basis and people will find both full and part time positions.

Pasadena Water and Power Benefits

Pasadena Water and Power offers many different benefits to their employees. Medical, dental, vision and life insurance are offered.  They also have many promotional opportunities for the employees along with the ability to transfer to other jobs within the company.

People can find out about the employment opportunities with Pasadena Water and Power.

To visit Pasadena Water and Power’s website click here.

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