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PECO Job Application Online

PECO is the Philadelphia Electric Company.  They have been providing the residents of the Greater Philadelphia area with electric service for over 100 years.  They are committed to providing their customers with excellent customer service.  They also are active in the community and are working to be good custodians of the environment.  If this sounds like a company that fits the way you think it is time to fill out a PECO job application form to begin a satisfying and exciting career.

PECO Jobs Available

PECO is a very large company that employs a wide variety of people in the Greater Philadelphia area.  They have varied positions that include service technicians, customer service representatives, researchers, IT professionals, human resources, administrative and clerical positions.  Many of the jobs can use the PECO online application for employment although some positions will require a resume and additional information

Minimum Employment Age At PECO:

On the PECO application form it states that anyone under the age of 18 will have to show proof that they are eligible to work.  There are several positions that are not considered safe for minors and that require a person to be over the age of 18.

PECO Store Hours

.People depend on having their electrical service at all times and that means there are many positions that require a person to be available at any time of the day including holidays.  The customer service phone lines are also staffed around the clock.  The offices for PECO operate at traditional business hours Monday through Friday and are closed on holidays.  When filling out the PECO job application a person can request specific work hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With PECO

At the PECO Website a person will find listing of job openings with PECO.   Many of the positions require that a person submit a copy of their resume.  If a person is interested in a PECO online application they can check with the various employment agencies that place people with PECO.

When a person is applying for a job whether it is through a traditional application or through their resume, they need to catch the attention of the people who are in charge of the hiring.  It can often help to apply in person so the hiring manager gets an idea of what a person looks like and whether they look like they really want a job or not.  A person who fills out a PECO job application should take care to make sure they have a neat appearance.  It can also help to show some enthusiasm and a smile when turning in an application in person.  These are qualities that every employer is looking for.

Most Common Positions At PECO & Income Information

Customer service is the most important thing to PECO, and that means they have a lot of people who work in the customer service area.  The call centers are always looking for people to man the phones and for supervisors in this department.  A call center worker can expect to earn $13.00 an hour and up.  The actual salary is dependent on a person’s age and experience.

PECO Benefits

PECO offers a host of benefits for their employees. Medical, dental, vision and life insurance are offered.  It also has 401K packages, short-term and long-term disability and opportunities for a person to volunteer in the community.

Information about available jobs at PECO can be found at the website.

To visit PECO’s website click here.

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