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PEPCO Job Application Online

PEPCO Holdings, Inc. is an energy delivery company based in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. It provides electricity for customers in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C. Aside from electricity, PEPCO also provides natural gas, renewable energy services, and energy efficiency services for its customers. A job seeker filling out a PEPCO job application online will find numerous opportunities for employment.  The company values diversity and places a strong emphasis on attracting the best employees and treating them well. A PEPCO online application is your first step in joining this long-standing and successful company.

PEPCO Jobs Available

PEPCO has many jobs available in Delaware, Washington D.C., Maryland, and New Jersey. Positions that you can search for by filling out a PEPCO job application form include: Account Coordinator, Accountant, Administrative Assistant, Analyst, Applications Business Analyst, Business Intern, Customer Care Associate, Distribution Designer, Economics Graduate Intern, Engineer, Communications Representative etc.  PEPCO applications are not accepted in person. If you want to find a career here, you will need to fill out a PEPCO online application for employment.

Minimum Employment Age At PEPCO:

The PEPCO online application asks if you are eighteen years of age. Jobs that are available through an online application are of a nature that minors would not be accepted for employment. However, high school students planning to pursue a degree in business or mathematics may fill out a PEPCO application for a high school business internship.

PEPCO Store Hours

PEPCO is an energy supply company and many of its positions are around the clock shifts. Someone filling out a PEPCO job application should keep this in mind. The company’s customer service and office positions are staffed from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. When filling out a PEPCO application, make note of the hours and shifts listed in the job description.

Important Tips To Apply Online With PEPCO

Many of the positions available through the PEPCO online application center require Bachelor or Masters Degrees. PEPCO will consider experience during the hiring process.

One of the requirements that PEPCO will not overlook is the need for a background check. If you want to obtain employment through the PEPCO online application system, ensure that your background is clean; if you have issues, get them cleared up before applying.

Most Common Positions At PEPCO & Income Information

A PEPCO application form can be filled out for many different types of positions that run the gamut from technical, information technology, accounting, customer service, supervision, and engineers. Prospective employees who apply using the PEPCO online application need to check to make sure that they hold any required certifications.  Salaries are competitive as PEPCO looks to acquire the best employees in the industry.

PEPCO Benefits

PEPCO offers a very robust benefits package. The company offers a 401k retirement savings plan, pension, life insurance, paid vacation days, sick leave, long-term disability insurance, vision, medical, and dental coverage that includes child orthodontics, and a pension plan. There is also an educational assistance program. Complete a PEPCO online application for employment today to take advantage of these opportunities!

To visit PEPCO’s website click here.

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