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Santee Cooper Job Application Online

Sante Cooper also known as the South Carolina Public Service Authority is a water and utility company owned by the state of South Carolina. Sante Cooper is one of the major providers of water and electric power in South Carolina and serves over 165,000 clients. The company has a diverse source of energy and taps into gas, coal, nuclear energy,hydro and other forms of renewable energy. The company is one of the state’s major employers and believes in affirmative action.You can apply for a position in the company using the Sante Cooper online application for employment.The company is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against age, gender, religion, race, disability or veteran status.

Sante Cooper Jobs Available

The company is diverse and has various categories that you can apply for. These include: IT, management, analysis, human resource, finance, customer care, construction, maintenance, engineering and others.You can also use the Sante Cooper application form to apply for internships, coop employment and summer employment.

Minimum Employment Age at Salt River Project

The Sante Cooper job application online can be accessed by persons aged 16 and above. Full-time employment is eligible for persons aged 18 years and over while summer jobs for high school student can be applied for from the age of 16 years.

Sante Cooper Hours

You can reach the Sante Cooper customer service any time of the day as it is accessible 24/7. All applications are submitted online and the online system can be accessed any time of the day as well.

Important Tips to Apply Online with Sante Cooper

  • Sante Cooper does not accept personal applications and you will need to use the Sante Cooper online application form to submit your application.
  • Those who do not have computers can use the computers provided by the company to submit the Sante Cooper job application form. These lobbies are available in the Horry-George town offices and Moncks Corner
  • You can monitor your application’s status by logging into your account. The process may take four to six weeks since the company receives a large number of applications that they need to review. However you can also follow up by contacting the Sante Cooper offices in Horry or Georgetown depending on your location,

Most Common Positions at Sante Cooper& Income Information

There are various positions you can apply for using the Sante Cooper job application form. Some of these include:human resource manager, IT technician, stores specialist, financial accountant, construction representative, administrative assistant, customer care representative, business analyst and associate engineer just to mention a few. Summer positions also exist for high school students with interest in electric utility and there are internship positions available for college students as well. Coop jobs are also available for students who major in computer science and engineering.

Sante Cooper Benefits

A Sante Cooper application could be your stepping stone to a great career. As mentioned, the company is an equal opportunities employer and creates a fantastic work environment for its employees. There are various employee benefits and these vary according to the type of employment. Some of the benefits you stand to gain as a Sante Cooper employee include: medical and dental insurance, life insurance, long term care insurance, 401(k) and 457 plans, qualified paid leave, 10 paid holidays ever year and more. There are also career development programs for employees.

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