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SCANA Corporation Job Application Online

SCANA Corporation has a history that spans to 160 years. The energy company provides its services to three states namely, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. SCANA Corporation and its subsidiaries provide electric power to over 650,000 clients in South Carolina and more than a million clients are provided with natural gas from the state, Georgia and North Carolina as well. As you can see, this is a company that boasts of a large operational base thanks to its varied services. This means that their workforce is also just as large. There are various employment opportunities available at the company and you can have a look at the SCANA Corporation online application for employment opportunities.

SCANA Corporation Jobs Available

The SCANA Corporation application form is accessible to all regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and more. In other words, the company complies with all federal and local employment laws. Some of the positions you can apply for include analyst (all levels), pipe layer and metro logy technician amongst others.

Minimum Employment Age at SCANA Corporation

SCANA Corporation job application online is only accessible to persons aged 18 years and above.However, there are high school programs for students who wish to pursue energy related careers. These are eligible for students aged 16 years and over.

SCANA Corporation Hours

SCANA Corporation operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are no restrictions when you send your application and you can also access customer service any time.

Important Tips to Apply Online with SCANA Corporation

  • You can apply for a job using only the SCANA Corporation online application platform. The company does not accept hard copy applications.
  • In order to access SCANA Corporation job application form, you will need to register on the online recruitment center. The company does not accept unsolicited applications and this means that you will have to apply for the jobs listed on the portal.
  • There are various employment opportunities for professionals and students as well. Students can take advantage of the co-op program, high school programs and recruitment events which are arranged every year. Internships are also available for college students and graduates.

Most Common Positions at SCANA Corporation& Income Information

Various jobs are listed on the SCANA Corporation job application portal and some of these include:nuclear reactor operator, mechanic-instrument apprentice, electrician plant apprentice, engineer and others. You can also apply for the various nuclear careers positions listed and these include: operations instructors, quality engineering, systems engineers, operations instructions, reactor operators, electric/mechanical instructors and control room supervisors amongst others. You can submit your unsolicited resume for nuclear positions and the company will contact you if your resume matches any positions available.  The company is a great employer and offers generous remuneration to its employees.

SCANA Corporation Benefits

Your SCANA Corporation application puts you in position to benefit from their wide range of benefits for employees. There are wellness programs for employees and professional development programs which enable employees to develop their careers. Employees get to benefit from the 401(k) plan and SCANA Corporation matches employee contributions per dollar. Other benefits include health insurance dental and vision insurance, group life insurance, credit union membership, long term disability coverage and paid leaves. These benefits vary based on employment contract.

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