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Schlumberger Job Application Online

Schlumberger Ltd is the largest integrated project management, information solutions and technology supplier in the world. The company provides these services to companies in the oil and gas industries. Schlumberger provides a wide range of services and products and these range from exploration to production solutions. This company is a big-time employer and currently has about 120,000 employees in its payroll. It’s also an equal opportunities employer and has a diverse portfolio of employees coming from more than 140 nationalities. These employees can be found in over 85 countries. If you wish to be a part of the wide Schlumberger workforce, you need to visit Schlumberger online application for employment opportunities.

Schlumberger Jobs Available

The Schlumberger application form is available for experienced professionals, students and graduates. If you fall under the experienced professionals’ category, you can look at the jobs such as mechanic, technician, engineer, researcher, consultant and geo scientist.There are apprenticeship and training programs for high and college students. Internships are available too.

Minimum Employment Age at Schlumberger

The Schlumberger job application online is accessible for both students and professionals. High school students who wish to enroll for the training programs need to be above 16 years old. Formal employment is available for persons aged 18 years and over.

Schlumberger Hours

You can access Schlumberger online application platform any time or day. Customer service is available online 24/7/365.

Important Tips to Apply Online with Schlumberger

  • The Schlumberger online application platform is divided to different categories making easier for you to access the ideal career platform. You can choose the recruiting and training tab, students and recent graduates or experiences professionals’ page.
  • The company recruits all year round and this means that you can fill Schlumberger job application form any time of the year.
  • You can only apply for one job at a time but if you are not successful you can always reapply for another position within the organization.
  • It’s important to try and identify the corporate culture at Schlumberger while preparing for the interview. Some of the things the company will assess during recruitment include your ability to work under pressure, personality and problem solving skills just to mention a few.

Most Common Positions at Schlumberger & Income Information

Schlumberger is never short of opportunities and in the coming year they plan on recruiting more than 5000 college leavers. You can take advantage of this by filling in the Schlumberger job application form online for the various positions available.Students and graduates can seek opportunities in the Geo sciences and petro technical industry, engineering, operations and research. Experienced professionals who wish to join Schlumberger can apply for any of the following jobs: directional driller, fishing tool specialist, project engineer, coiled tubing field specialist, cementing field specialist, slick line filed specialist, project engineer and others.

Schlumberger Benefits

Filling a Schlumberger application is your first step towards landing a lucrative career. The company values its employees and gives them great benefits. Some of the benefits that employees get to enjoy include: a comprehensive life insurance policy, personal accident insurance, health insurance and 401(k) retirement plan. Employees also enjoy performance based incentives, mobility benefits such as schooling and housing as well as discounted stock rates giving them a chance to own their small bit of the company. The company provides competitive salaries based on qualifications.

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