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Tennessee Valley Authority Job Application Online

A government owned initiative; Tennessee Valley Authority was established in 1933 with the primary goal of meeting the energy requirements of the Tennessee region. The company has grown a lot since and is currently the largest public power provider in the US. Serving more than 9 million people in Tennessee and various parts of Alabama and Georgia among others, the company remains committed to devising methods that keep the environment clean and energy affordable for the consumer. With a great and safe working environment for the workers in all of the generation plants and administrative offices, working at TVA is an excellent experience. If you want to become a part of this successful enterprise then do submit the Tennessee Valley Authority application for employment.

Tennessee Valley Authority Jobs Available

Tennessee Valley Authority is basically an energy provider and thus, the company mainly employs electrical engineers, plant managers, technicians, linesmen to look over the technical aspects of the company’s generation and distribution systems. Other than the technical jobs, managers and other administrative employees make up the rest of the team at TVA. If you think you match the job requirements of any of these jobs then make sure to fill the Tennessee Valley Authority application form as soon as possible on the website.

Minimum Employment Age at Tennessee Valley Authority

Only those candidates who are above the age of sixteen can access the Tennessee Valley Authority job application online available at the company’s website.

Tennessee Valley Authority Store Hours

By clicking on the General Contact Information link at the bottom left of the website, you can check out information about the TVA offices and branches present in your area before asking them about the customer service hours.

Important Tips to Apply Online with Tennessee Valley Authority

  • You will have to click the “Employment” link present at the bottom of the website to find all the info about the vacancies available at Tennessee Valley Authority. In addition to the job listings, the link to the Tennessee Valley Authority online application could also be found by following this link.
  • The Tennessee Valley Authority job application form would ask you to create an account at the website before you can upload your resume. Make sure that you add a professional resume so that your job application is given due consideration.
  • To give yourself maximum chances of getting a chance to work at Tennessee Valley Authority, you should try to get a face-to-face encounter with the HR manager during his free time and express your interest in working for the company along with your quick introduction.

Most Common Positions at Tennessee Valley Authority & Income Information

The Tennessee Valley Authority remains in need of electrical and chemical engineers to continuously look over their power plants. Environmental experts and finance specialists are other positions that remain open to look after company’s other initiatives. All these remain high paying jobs since they are of a technical nature and require a lot of concentration and hard work. Managers remain the only other employees who work on a similar wage. Technicians and linesmen are also frequently required by the company and they are also paid more than the market rate for their services. By filling the Tennessee Valley Authority job application form, you can try for any of these positions according to your experience and skill set.

Tennessee Valley Authority Benefits

Working at Tennessee Valley Authority brings a lot of benefits too along with the healthy salary package. Once your Tennessee Valley Authority application is accepted and you become an employee, you would be welcomed at an extremely easy yet professional work environment. Along with all-encompassing health care benefits including medical and dental plans, TVA also offers various insurance programs for the employees. Moreover, impressive holiday and leave programs, retirement benefits, discount offers, transportation services combined with training assistance and scholarships makes working at TVA a pleasurable and exciting experience.

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