Mayflower Application

    Mayflower Application – Apply Online At Mayflower Today

      Mayflower is a respected moving company currently looking for dedicated service professionals and entry level personnel with eye for customer service.

Mayflower Job Application Online

 If you think you have what of takes, fill out a Mayflower online application for employment today, and get yourself into a job or career that meets your personal goals!

Mayflower Jobs Available

Inside Sales Associate, Administrative Assistant, Audit Analyst, Agent, Household Goods Fleet Driver, Customer Service Specialist, Customer Service Representative, International Commodity Specialist, Program Service Coordinator, International Move Manager, Special Commodities Fleet Driver, Audit Analyst, Pricing Analyst, Law Clerk, Transportation Specialist, Project Coordinator

Minimum Employment Age At Mayflower

Most applicants must be at least eighteen years of age, though some positions require that you be at least twenty-two for their Mayflower application to be considered.

Mayflower Store Hours

Mayflower offices are open every single day from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Mayflower

One of the best ways to ensure your Mayflower job application is considered, will be to present yourself to a local office. Dress for success, and hold yourself with confidence and a friendly attitude. Ask for any available general or hiring manager, and introduce yourself to that person. Mention your Mayflower online application, making sure to repeat your name several times casually. This will ensure you are remembered when the manager is considering your Mayflower application form.

The Mayflower job application form is not printable, so you must fill out the form online and submit it via their internet database. It may behoove you to print off a separate resume to take into your meeting with a manager. This is another great way to “drop your name” and have it considered seriously.

Calling the office you wish to apply for, and introducing yourself to whomever answers the call is also a fantastic way to grease the wheels. A person who shows interest and dedication will almost always be chosen over a person who just submits a Mayflower job application online. Continue to call the office at least once a week. The prevailing idea here, is that the person who needs the job, and is excited about it, is the most likely to receive an employment opportunity.

Most Common Positions at Mayflower & Income Information

The most common positions available with Mayflower are movers, drivers, agents, and customer service representatives. All of these positions require an eye for customer satisfaction and a good work ethic. Management and higher level positions are also commonly available to those who have prior experience in the field, and/or have college experience in a management position.

All of these jobs have great entry level pay scales, and long term employees can apply for an attractive salary program.

Mayflower Benefits

Benefit packages are available to long term employees. These benefits include a health care plan, a 401 k retirement package, paid vacation and time off, and life insurance. For those who are looking to move up on the company ladder, you can also apply for tuition assistance, and other educational betterment programs to prepare you for management.

Mayflower Application Career

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