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Sub Station II Job Application Online

Sub Station II is a chain of sandwich shops established in the year 1975, based mostly around the Southeastern United States. At almost 60 stores owned by Sub Station II, new employees are always hired. For part-time or fulltime employment at any Sub Station II franchise located in areas of Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia, you can fill up a Sub Station II job application form and submit it online at the careers page of Sub Station II: Sub Station II also offers downloadable employment applications which you can print out and submit in person, to your nearest Sub Station store.

Sub Station II Jobs Available

The available job positions at Sub Station II include: team member, line cook, prep cook, cashier, customer service representative, shift supervisor, assistant manager and general manager. The jobs are classified as part-time, fulltime, seasonal, permanent, entry level and professional. The basic job designations at Sub Station II do not require qualifications or experience but for the management and corporate careers, you need to be highly qualified and experienced.

Minimum Employment Age At Sub Station II:

To receive employment at Sub Station II, you need to be at least 16 years of age.

Sub Station II Store Hours

Sub Station II is open on all days and the working hours are from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Sub Station II

Sub Station II is one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in the Southeast US. It provides employment opportunities to all kinds of people and doesn’t even demand any work experience history. Entry-level jobs are the most common positions at Sub Station II. Whichever be the post, your Sub Station II application form determines the destiny of your restaurant career. The smarter the application looks, the better are your chances of getting hired. Avoid making mistakes or omissions in your Sub Station II job application. You can get a clearer picture on how to make your Sub Station II job application form impressive, by reading our free report 7 Secrets to Getting Hired.

Most Common Positions At Sub Station II & Income Information

Like all other restaurant firms, Sub Station II also hires employees mainly to fill two positions, of team members and restaurant managers. The team members will have to prepare and serve food, assist customers, operate the cash registers and clean the restaurant. The duties of shift supervisors and assistant managers are to look into the daily restaurant operations and to keep the crew members on task.

Sub Station II Benefits

Depending upon your position of employment at Sub Station II, you will enjoy certain benefits and employment perks. These perks include paid time off, meal discounts and other job benefits. Qualified workers at Sub Station II are entitled to receive various benefits packages, in addition to highly competitive pay rates.

If you are 16 and wish to fulfill your dream of a successful restaurant career, then start filling your Sub Station II job application right away and make your dream come true.

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