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Transportation Industry Jobs

Jobs in the transportation industry can be very fun for the right type of person. Transportation industry careers include wide variety of jobs including driving buses, limousines, taxi cabs, and private cars. You could work as a dispatcher or office clerical worker. There are positions for in-house mechanics to maintain fleets of vehicles. Transportation industry jobs also include working for the railroad or airports. You can start filling out transportation industry applications today to start the hiring process. If you need help, download our guide, 7 Secrets to Getting Hired.

Driving jobs in the transportation industry are probably the most readily available position. Little to no experience is necessary to get hired as a driver. However, you will be most likely required to obtain a special license to work as a driver. Once you get hired, you can expect to work at all times of the day. Taxi cabs usually operate 24 hours a day, so your schedule will vary greatly. Limo drivers normally drive into the early hours of the morning. Bus driver schedules vary by location.

Transportation industry careers at the railroad and airports offer a wide variety of jobs to choose from. Train station jobs range from ticket collectors, conductors, ticket booth operator, or back office employee. There are many jobs at the airport as well. You can be a runway worker, baggage claim handler, kiosk associate, air traffic controller and more. The list goes on and on. Workers in these positions can expect shifts at all times of the day.

Experience and training needed for transportation industry jobs vary greatly upon position. Entry level positions such as drivers, janitorial staff, kiosk operators, baggage handlers, and similar positions most likely no experience and can receive on the job training. Other positions that are more professional in nature may need several years of schooling. These types of jobs include pilots, mechanics, security staff, and other professional level jobs. Your transportation industry applications should explain job requirements. For more information on applying to these jobs, download our free guide.

The pay scales for jobs in the transportation industry vary as well. Most people will apply to entry-level positions. These positions can expect to be paid minimum wage up to $20 an hour depending on position, experience, job location, and other factors. Several of these positions can expect to receive tips as well. Most of these jobs offer upward mobility and promotions for dedicated workers who show interest in progressing within the industry.

Getting a job in the transportation industry can be a fun, life long career for the right person. You have the opportunity to meet lots of new people, be on the move constantly, and see lots of different things. Many of these jobs are run by municipalities and local governments which means you can expect very good benefits for both you and your family.

For more detailed information read the different job opportunities in each of the transportation fields, including airlines, trucking and rental company information.

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