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British Airways Application – Apply Online At British Airways Today

British Airways Job Application Online

The exciting world of travel can be very enticing. Whether you have worked in the industry before or you are a new comer, it can be very rewarding to work for an airline in any capacity. You may think that you must have certain types of schooling to work for an airline, but in reality some positions are available with training provided and no special education required. One of the best airlines for training is British Airways. To get started on this career path today, start by filling out and submitting a British Airways online application for employment.

British Airways Jobs Available

There are many exciting positions at British Airways. Some of them require special education or training while others require only the training provided by the company. In general, you may submit a British Airways application form for any of the following positions: pilot, copilot, cabin crew (stewardess), customer contact associates (ticket counter and customer service), customer service managers, and clerical or administrative positions within the company.

Minimum Employment Age At British Airways:

The British Airways job application online is available to applicants of 21or older.

British Airways Store Hours

There are no store hours posted on the British Airways website. They do not recommend trying to apply in person. In fact, application can only be made online. Following the application and submitting of your resume, you may be contacted to undergo assessment prior to an interview. At that time you would be given information as to the times available for your visit to British Airways.

Important Tips To Apply Online With British Airways

  • In addition to the British Airways online application, you should have a resume or CV prepared for submission to the company. This document should be well thought out and organized, full of relevant detail but as brief as possible, and free of grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • British Airways does not accept speculative resumes or CVs. You can only apply by submitting a British Airways job application form online. CVs sent to the company as an application will be ignored. It is also important to follow all of the instructions and tips found on the career site in order to move forward to the next steps of the hiring process.

Most Common Positions At British Airways & Income Information

The most common positions at British Airways are cabin crew and customer contact positions. Pilot positions, clerical and administrative positions, and other positions such as janitorial staff are also available on occasion. The income for each position will vary, however, British Airways does guarantee competitive wages. To get started in one of these rewarding careers, fill out and submit your British Airways job application today.

British Airways Benefits

There are many benefits that come with a position at British Airways. When you visit the site to fill out and submit your British Airways application, you can view a list of the benefits that are given to nearly every employee. Some of the benefits you may enjoy include paid holidays and vacation time, private health care schemes, contributory pension, and bonuses. You will also enjoy travel discounts for you and your immediate family, as well as subsidized staff restaurants. There are also many social activities available for you when you are an employee of this company, including BA clubs, sporting events, and other benefits.

To visit British Airways’s website click here.

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