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Cathay Pacific Airlines Application – Apply Online At Cathay Pacific Airlines Today

Cathay Pacific Airlines Job Application Online

The exciting world of travel is, well, exciting. There are so many people to meet and things to do when you work for an airline. It is a very rewarding career, regardless of which type of position you apply for. One of the best companies for getting an airline job is Cathay Pacific Airlines. This company is a smaller airline but is very stable. They offer competitive salary and benefits, and work hard to keep employees happy. In addition, although it is an Asian airline they have positions available for a number of North American locations. To get started, fill out and submit a Cathay Pacific Airlines online application for employment.

Cathay Pacific Airlines Jobs Available

In general, there are many positions available in many different locations. Currently, you may submit a Cathay Pacific Airlines application form for any of the following positions: cargo service agent, cargo manager, manager on duty, flight attendant, customer service representative, customer service supervisor, communications manager, marketing coordinator, and other administrative positions.

Minimum Employment Age At Cathay Pacific Airlines:

The Company job application online is available to applicants of 21or older.

Cathay Pacific Airlines Store Hours

Cathay Pacific Airlines does not post store hours for their various locations on their website. They discourage walk in applications. If your resume is acceptable you will be notified of hours for the position and the location.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Cathay Pacific Airlines

  • It is important to note that this company prefers that you submit a Cathay Pacific Airlines online application. They will also accept resumes by fax, however email is preferred. You should make sure your resume is well organized, brief, and full of relevant detail. It should also be free of any errors.
  • It is also important to note that there is not an actual Cathay Pacific Airlines job application form. You will need to email or fax your resume to the airline at the fax number or email address provided in the job description. You can access the job descriptions by visiting the careers site for the company and clicking on the open position you are interested in.

Most Common Positions At Cathay Pacific Airlines & Income Information

The Cathay Pacific Airlines job application is available for many positions currently. The most common positions available with this company are customer service representatives, flight attendants, and cargo service agents. The airline also hires pilots and copilots, as well as a wide range of administrative and clerical positions. To view the current positions open at the company, you should visit the careers site. Salaries are not listed on the site, but Cathay Airlines is well known for providing employees with competitive salary and benefits packages.

Cathay Pacific Airlines Benefits

There are a number of benefits available with this airline. Like most airlines, you will enjoy travel discounts and benefits depending on your position within the company. Other benefits may also be available based on your hiring status. Health benefits could be available, as well as pension. To get a full understanding of the benefits available for any given position, submit your Cathay Pacific Airlines application and resume and wait for a response. In your cover letter you may inquire about benefits associated with the position or which you are applying.

To visit Cathay Pacific Airlines’s website click here.

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