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Olympic Air Application – Apply Online At Olympic Air Today

Olympic Air Job Application Online

Now owned by the Marfin Investment Group, Olympic Air is the largest Greek airline. Recently Olympic Airlines merged with Aegean Airlines to create Olympic Air, which has immerged with a new face, a new concept and a fleet of new airplanes fitted with the latest in airline technology. With 56,000 employees, they offer domestic flights throughout Greece as well as international flights to Amsterdam, Belgrade, Bucharest, Larnaca, Sofia, Tel Aviv, Cairo, Tirana and Istanbul. For flights originating in the United States, they have a partnership with Delta airlines.

Olympic Air Jobs Available

The majority of Olympic Air jobs are based in Greece and surrounding areas. However, they still need customer service representatives within the United States to handle issues such as ticketing, destination planning and other services. If you are willing to travel, you may consider putting in an Olympic Air application form for jobs such as maintenance, flight attendant, or other basic airline jobs. Many jobs require training and certification.

Minimum Employment Age At Olympic Air:

You must be at least 18 years of age to fill out an Olympic Air job application.

Olympic Air Store Hours

Olympic Air stays up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Olympic Air

The primary way to submit an Olympic Air online application for employment is to email them your resume from the website below. Indicate the area of work you’re interested in, and write a cover letter explaining what you believe you can bring to their company. You might search for Olympic Air online applications on job search websites. The Olympic Air website is relatively new, but they are building a careers page with a downloadable Olympic Air job application form which may become available soon.

Before you submit your Olympic Air application, whatever the form, be sure that you understand the position you’re applying for and what it requires. In some cases you may need specialized training or past experience to qualify. Entry level work includes working in call centers and at airport customer service desks to assist customers, issue tickets and check baggage. You may also be able to fill out a Olympic Air job application  for flight attendant even without previous experience. The ability to speak Greek or any other foreign languages will be a great help to you.

Most Common Positions At Olympic Air & Income Information

The most common positions at Olympic Air are for those who are trained as professionals in the aviation industry—pilots, mechanics and other staff. Also most employees live and work in Greece. However, they may hire entry level candidates as customer service representatives or even flight attendants. They offer generous salaries according to job position.

Olympic Air Benefits

Some of the benefits to working at Olympic Air include the opportunity for travel. Positions such as flight attendant require that you relocate, most likely to Greece, but they provide excellent benefits. You may expect to receive help with housing and transportation, as well as money for meals while you’re on duty. You may also get medical insurance, life insurance, discounts on travel and other perks. Most of all, you’ll have an exciting job that could take you exciting places.

To visit Olympic Air’s website click here.

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