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DHL Job Application Online

DHL has a comprehensive employment process. There is a DHL online application available. To access the application applicants should go to the DHL website and click on the “Careers” heading. A sub menu will provide additional employment categories that applicants can review based on their desired employment. Applicants have the capability of saving their DHL online application for employment in order to have the ability to apply for jobs in the future.

DHL Jobs Available

Upon the completion of a DHL application, DHL offers a number of employment opportunities from managerial to warehouse. Positions are available on a full time, part time and seasonal or temporary basis. Internships are also available for students. Applicants are able to select amongst a variety of listed jobs by choosing employment opportunities within specific categories.

The DHL job application online enables applicants to apply for the following jobs:

Director of customer service, billing agent, customer service representative, senior process engineers, business development specialist, key account manager, tractor trailer driver, outside sales executive, customer compliance, air import agent, customs brokerage agent, rate and flag agent, revenue analyst, supply chain specialist, facility and maintenance leader and safety specialist.

Minimum Employment Age At DHL:

18 years old

DHL Store Hours

DHL store hours vary per location.  Locations are usually open from 9AM-6PM Monday-Saturday, although later hours are often offered particularly doing the busy seasons. There is also a contact center that is available for customers that is readily available along with the internet chat and email contact center

Important Tips To Apply Online With DHL

When completing the DHLjob application form, it is very important to complete the application process thoroughly. Because of the DHL online application process, applicants have the opportunity to review their application completely before submission. There is the option to save the employment application for future completion if so desired. Thus, applicants should take the time to create a complete applicant profile via the DHL website. Once the profile is created the applicant can then easier apply to a number of jobs via the DHL career center.

It is also important to note that DHL categories its employment opportunities based on specific details such as operations, students, graduates and management and professionals. This is important to remember when navigating the website and completing the DHL application form.

Most Common Positions At DHL
& Income Information

There are numerous positions available via DHL. By completing a DHL application form, people have access to numerous jobs via the website. A simply job search query will return numerous results for those seeking employment via DHL.

Some of the common positions at DHL include:

Packaging Agent-Packaging agents are required to coordinate both external and internal packages for shipping to customers.  Applicants should have warehousing skills and industry knowledge as well as a high school diploma. Hours for the position depends upon the shift offered for employment. Salary is commensurate upon experience.

Logistics Coordinator-The logistics coordinator is responsible for providing support for the DHL Service Center. Duties include dispatching delivery information for customer packages, researching shipment tracking requests and assisting with service center billing issues. Salary is commensurate upon experience.

Operations Agent-The operations agent is responsible for sorting and unloading packages, manifestations, processing imports and exports for customs clearance and attempting to resolve issues related to mishandled or damaged shipments. Salary is commensurate upon experience.

DHL Benefits

DHL offers its benefits for its full time and part time employees. For more detailed information on the various benefits that are offered new employees should speak with the hiring manager or human resources.

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