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East Tennessee Railway Job Application Online

The completion of an East Tennessee Railway online application for employment is required in order to begin the official application process for employment. Interested applicants must go to the Genesse and Wyoming, Inc. website to complete the online application. The website allows applicants to create a job applicant profile that can be used to facilitate the application process for numerous positions. Applicants must be willing to create an account in order to view and apply for East Tennessee Railway jobs.

East Tennessee Railway Jobs Available

There are numerous jobs available via the completion of the East Tennessee online application. Positions are available on a full time, part time, contractual and temporary basis. It is very important for applicants to review the employment requirements for the various positions to ensure that all employment requirements are met prior to submitting an application.

Some of the positions that are available upon the completion of the East Tennessee application include ridges and Buildings Supervisor, Track Laborer, Electrician, Utility Coal Operator, Conductor, Jockey Driver, Gizzard Jockey Driver,Crew Caller, Office Associate, Office Manager, Customer Service Coordinator, Customer Service Specialist,Engineer, Temporary Engineer, Switchman.

Minimum Employment Age At East Tennessee Railway:

18 years old

East Tennessee Railway Store Hours

The East Tennessee Railway operates 24/ 7 providing locomotive service between Eastern Tennessee municipalities of Elizabethtown and Johnson City. Although the rail service is primarily used for commercial purposes, it does provide frequent service in order to provide convenient accessibility between the two cities. Because of the around the clock operation, those that work for East Tennessee Railway are required to work different shift s depending on their job position.

Important Tips To Apply Online With East Tennessee Railway

There are some important facts that individuals should remember when completing an East Tennessee Railway job application online. Applicants should read all instructions posted on the website in regards to properly applying for a position. Individuals must take the time to create an online profile in order to apply to the available positions. Furthermore, it is advised that applicants upload a recent resume to their job profile for inclusion with an East Tennessee Railway application form.

Also, applicants should take advantage of the job agent function which will allow them to receive daily, weekly or monthly updates about the available positions at East Tennessee Railway.

Most Common Positions At East Tennessee Railway & Income Information

East Tennessee Railway offers a number of entry level and managerial positions for those that are interested in completing the East Tennessee Railway job application form in its entirety. Many people are interested in working with this company because of the excellent pay, training and benefits that come with employment with East Tennessee Railway.

The following are some of the more common positions that are available by completing an East Tennessee Railway job application:

Customer Service Representative-The customer service representative provides comprehensive information for clients. They assist with everything from providing delivery information to processing customer orders. Previous experience may be required. Salary is commensurate upon experience.

Railroad Conductors-Railroad Conductors are responsible for making sure that railway traffic is routed in the correct manner. Previous experience is experience is required. Salary is commensurate upon experience.

Railway Technicians-Railway technicians are essential to the safe operation of trains along the railway. They are responsible for regularly scheduled maintenance of the tracks and also any additional train related repairs. Previous experience is recommended. Salary is commensurate upon experience.

East Tennessee Railway Benefits

East Tennessee Railway offers its employees excellent benefits which include vacation pay and sick time, medical, dental, vision and life insurance, flexible spending accounts, retirement plans and tuition assistance.

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