Mail Boxes, Etc. Application

Mail Boxes, Etc. Application
Application – Apply Online At Mail Boxes, Etc. Application

Mail Boxes, Etc. Application Job Application Online

While Mail Boxes, Etc. is a subsidiary of the UPS store, each of the Mail Boxes, Etc. stores are independently owned and operated. Because of this, there is not a general Mail Boxes, Etc. online application for employment. People that are interested in applying for positions at local stores must visit the particular location of interest and inquire about possible available positions. Those applicants that are interested in corporate level positions with Mail Boxes Etc. can complete a Mail Boxes Etc. job application online via the UPS website.

Mail Boxes, Etc. Jobs Available

There are various jobs available for those that are interested in completing a Mail Boxes, Etc. job application. Positions are available on a full time, part time and temporary or seasonal basis. Those interested in positions with this company must remember that there is not a Mail Boxes, Etc. online application.

Some of the positions that are available upon successfully completing a Mail Boxes, Etc.application form include Maintenance Manager In Training, Financial Analyst, Communications Manager,Sales Associate, Assistant Center Manager, Center Manager, Account Executive, Account Manager,Compensation and Benefits Manager, Reporting Analyst, Marketing Manager, Forecast Analyst, Brokerage Representative, Dispatcher, Finance Specialist.

Minimum Employment Age At Mail Boxes, Etc. Application:

18 years

Mail Boxes, Etc. Application
Store Hours

Because Mail Boxes, Etc. are independently owned and operated, the store hours will vary. Generally, store hours are 8AM-9PM Monday-Saturday with some stores also operating on Sundays. Many of the Mail Boxes, Etc. stores are closed on holidays.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Mail Boxes, Etc. Application

There is not a Mail Boxes, Etc. job application form available online. Anyone that is interested in applying for a position must visit a local branch. At the local branch, people can obtain more information about the various positions that are available and will be able to speak directly to the hiring manager to obtain more information about the employment process.

When applying for a position at Mail Boxes, Etc. applicants should make sure to complete the application in its entirety. It is also best to inquire about different positions as you may have the ability to perform certain jobs based on your previous job experience and skill sets.

Likewise, applicants should also be prepared to answer questions about the company. Applicants should research the history and background of the company prior to going on the job interview. Having previous knowledge about the company is an asset when interviewing for a position.

Most Common Positions At Mail Boxes, Etc. Application
& Income Information

Upon completing a Mail Boxes, Etc. application, there are different positions available to suit the applicant. The following are some of the more common positions available:

Center Manager-The center manager is responsible for the day to day operation of local Mail Box, Etc. branches. They ensure that the inventory and all necessary supplies are available for associates to provide quality services to clients and customers. Managers must have cash handling experience, computer knowledge and previous managerial experience is recommended. Managers must also be able to lift 50-75lbs.

Center Associate-Center associates are responsible for providing customer service to clients that desire mailing services. They must have cash handling experience, computer skills, good communication skills and the ability to lift 50-75lbs.

Mail Boxes, Etc. Application

Mail Boxes, Etc. offers their employees a number of benefits. These benefits include medical, dental and vision health care plans, short and long term disability and company paid life insurance. Employees also receive 401(K), tuition reimbursement, paid holidays, 10 days of vacation and sick time.

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