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Relay Express Job Application Online

Relay Express was established in Cincinnati, OH in 1986 by Robert Smith, Mike Bernecker and Matt Seiter.  The company was set up to provide a fast and cost effective way to ship packages.  It prides itself on its exceptional excuse-free service to the customer.  The exceptional customer service offered by the professional teams at Relay Express has made the company a leading force in in the delivery sector throughout the United States.

Now with several locations throughout the United States, the uniformed employees at Relay Express are easily recognizable and can be counted on to provide a professional service at all time. Relay Express offers a unique, year-round service, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  With services like on-demand delivery, pricing by zip code, 30 minute pick-up, no extra charge for delivery of multiple pieces and 90 minute delivery, we offer a service second to none.

With its emphasis on customer service, Relay Express is aware of how important its employees are to the on-going reputation of the company.  With this in mind, Relay Express is always on the lookout for dedicated motivated employees at all levels – from entry-level to professional associates.  With jobs in customer service, administration, marketing, human resources as well as uniformed contractors, Relay Express is always looking for personnel to staff their many locations.

Relay Express – Current Jobs Available

We invite you to submit a Relay Express Online application form for any of the following positions:

Customer Service Representative, Sales Representative, Administrative Assistant, Truck Driver, Package Handler, Shipping and Receiving Associate, Assistant Manager, General Manager

Minimum Employment Age At Relay Express:

Relay Express is happy to accept applications from all candidates of eighteen (18) years and older.

Relay Express Store Hours

Relay Express is open for business during the following times:

Monday – Friday: 8.30a.m. – 5.30p.m.

Closed Saturdays.

Closed Sundays.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Relay Express

Read all information about the position/s that interests you.

Take your time while filling out the application form.

Make sure you complete all questions on the application form.

Make sure the information you provide is correct.

Check that you haven’t skipped any section.

Read over your application to check for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Sign the form.

Check one last time that everything has been answered, all mistakes corrected and you have signed your form – then submit it.

Some jobs require additional documentation and/or a professional resumé – carefully read the description of the job/s for which you are applying and ensure you have included all material requested.

Relay Express Benefits

Relay Express can provide exciting training and career opportunities for all manner of jobs within the shipping and delivery sector.  Relay Express employees are greatly valued as part of the thriving delivery business it is building and this is demonstrated in the numerous employee benefits available at the company.  All Relay Express employees benefit from attractive and competitive salary packages, flexible scheduling and paid training.  In addition, eligible Relay Express associates may be entitled to an attractive employee benefit package, including paid time off, health insurance and 401 (k) retirement schedules. Have a look at our web-page for more information.

To visit Relay Express’s website click here.

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