Rental Car Jobs

Do you like to drive?  Are you the kind of person who likes the excitement of traveling?  If you do, you might love the normal hustle and bustle at a rental car agency.  A rental car job is never dull.  There are customers to pick up, drop off, keys to deliver, and appointments to keep.  Someone just got into town, another is just leaving.  Most cars used at a rental car agency are late model, meaning you will be driving new or nearly new autos.

Someone who likes to match a customer with a good car in his or her price range and expectations is really a pleasure.  Maybe a young couple would prefer a sportier model.  Good customer service pays off here, because rental car agencies see a large volume of customers.

Rental car jobs are never commonplace.  Applying for an online rental car job is a good idea for someone who never likes to have a run of the mill day.  It is one of the most customer service oriented jobs in the transportation industry.

An online rental car job application can be downloaded for any of the major providers like Hertz and Avis, and some stable middle class firms like Enterprise and National.  These jobs are competitively paid and offer a great benefits package, including medical, dental, visual and retirement benefits.  Optional life insurance is also available at a small additional cost.

Depending upon where you live, you may be called upon to work at the airport or other busy and bustling centers of transportation.  A car rental service is important to business and private travelers alike.  Many people who travel are people of importance, wealth and influence.  It is never a bad idea to be in a position where you can leave a positive impression.

You will also learn a lot about mechanical things, something which everyone can benefit from.  Besides reservation clerk, salesperson, storeroom manager and secretary / administrator, there are mechanics needed onsite to troubleshoot for mechanical problems.  If you are mechanically inclined, this is a great opportunity because it is a clean job and yet you are working in your profession.  There may be onsite facilities for you to work on the autos available to rent.

Those who work at a rental car jobs know one other big plus.  When it comes time to replace their personal vehicle, rental car companies offer excellent bargains.  It is hard to find a car at a rental car agency older than 2 years.  Why is this?  Because rental car companies constantly buy and sell their cars.  Those who work at the rental car location will be the first to hear when there is a car sale.  Savvy consumers know that cars which have been driven for two years provide the best value, since they are still new but no longer have the inflated new car, never been driven sticker cost.  It’s a win-win all the way around.

So if you know how to drive, like cars, people, action and unpredictability, download and diligently fill out a rental car job application today!  And to learn how to out smart your competition for these jobs make sure you read 7 Secrets To Getting Hired.

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