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360 Limo Job Application Online

  360 Limo’s online job application for employment is the best way to get in contact with their hiring managers. Fill out your 360Limo application today!

360 Limo Jobs Available 

360 Limo jobs include –  Sales Associate, Customer Service Representative, Dispatcher, Detailer, Mechanic, Driver, Assistant Manager, General Manager

Minimum Employment Age At 360 Limo:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at 360 Limo

360 Limo Store Hours

360 Limo is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Important Tips To Apply Online With 360 Limo

Founded in 2001, 360Limo quickly became a mainstay in the professional transportation service. Currently servicing locations all around the world, 360Limo provides transportation for businesses, shuttle services,  meetings, and road shows. From Ohio to Switzerland, 360Limo prides itself on having the very best employees, and that commitment to quality at any cost has set a fire under the car rental world. Emphasizing a fantastic attitude over experience and a strong resume, 360Limo is willing to train the enthusiastic and positive to shape their workforce into a global commodity.

If you need a good entry-level job and think you would enjoy a career in the transportation business, 360Limos has what you’re looking for. Submit your 360Limo application online and find your vacancy in this fast-growing business.

Most Common Positions At 360 Limo & Income Information

The most common entry level positions at 360Limo include the driver, customer service representative, and dispatcher.

Dispatchers work the phone lines of 360Limo, and are essential in bridging the gap between the drivers and the customers. Dispatchers should have impeccable language and negotiation skills, and be fantastic with people. Dispatchers, as the first employees a customer will interact with, are the face of the company and are essential to creating the right first impression.

Customer service representatives are there when there’s a problem or dispute. They should be excellent at dealing with all kinds of people in any situation, and be willing to make concessions on behalf of the company to create an excellent service. Representatives should be outgoing, friendly, and able to discuss and understand a customer’s problem impartially and fairly to create a compromise that satisfies every party involved.

Drivers are the backbone of the company. After being assigned to a location and job by a dispatcher, it’s the driver’s job to do everything that the customer requests, within reason of course. Drivers should be impeccable drivers, polite and courteous, and hold themselves to the highest standards of professionalism and service. Ideally, drivers should also have a spotless driving record, with no major violations or tickets.

The starting salary for 360Limo drivers is substantially above minimum wage, even for entry-level employees, but check with the location nearest you. 360Limo’s hiring process is fairly selective and the starting pay may vary depending on experience and job location.

360 Limo Benefits

While 360Limo employees certainly enjoy excellent pay, the company also provides great benefits. Eligible employees receive life insurance coverage, health care, and retirement assistance. Submit your 360Limo application online today and find out more!

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