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Alamo Car Rental Application – Apply Online At Alamo Car Rental Today

Alamo Car Rental Job Application Online

Alamo Car Rental does not provide a downloadable  job application form. To apply for a job with this rental company, fill out an Alamo Car Rental job application form for employment online.

Alamo Car Rental Jobs Available 

Alamo Car Rental jobs include –  Rental Sales Agent, Customer Service Agent, Service Agent, CDL Bus Driver, Maintenance Custodian, Maintenance Automotive Technician, Airport Service Agent, Driver, Exit Booth Agent, Return Agent, Maintenance Technician

Minimum Employment Age At Alamo Car Rental:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Alamo Car Rental.

Alamo Car Rental Store Hours

Alamo Car Rental is open from 8am to 6am Sunday through Friday, and from 6am to 10pm on Saturday.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Alamo Car Rental

In 1974, Alamo Rent a Car started with four locations in the state of Florida only and gained local fame for its “unlimited mileage” program, where renters could travel any distance at no extra charge. Clearly it was a smart move- by 2005 the company had not only developed the only online check-in system in the industry, but had managed to expand to more than 171 kiosks at 63 locations.

In 2007, Alamo was acquired by Enterprise Holdings, operator of Enterprise Rent-A-Car, the largest rental car company in North America. Today, Alamo is still going strong as one of the leading car rental companies in the United States. Whether you’re looking for a part-time job and have no experience or you’re an industry veteran, Alamo’s looking for you. Put in an Alamo Car Rental online application today and grow with a fantastic company.

Most Common Positions At Alamo Car Rental & Income Information

The most common positions at Alamo Car Rental include Rental Sales Agent, Maintenance Technician, and Driver.

Rental sales agents work with customers and ensure that customers are satisfied with their services and are able to receive exactly what they’re looking for in a rental car. Sales agents should be one part rental counselor and one part salesman, helping the customer to understand what Alamo does and does not do, and to make sure that their expectations match the reality.

Maintenance technicians work to maintain and service the rental cars. They should be able to quickly and accurately identify the problems with their vehicles and be able to perform routine and emergency repairs. Maintenance technicians are responsible for the quality of the vehicles that enter and exit Alamo’s garage doors, and it’s absolutely essential that the mechanics are working as well as they are able.

Drivers move vehicles around from one place to another. This is typically a part-time job, and really isn’t difficult. The only requirements are, obviously, a valid driver’s license, a relatively clean driving record, and the willingness to drive a whole lot. Drivers move cars to and from body shops, rental locations, garages, and more. They should be courteous, helpful, and punctual. Drivers may be asked to clean vehicles, communicate by cell phone or two way radio, and navigate using written directions.

Alamo’s entry-level employees typically make at or near minimum wage, depending on experience and job title.

Alamo Car Rental Benefits

Alamo Car Rental employees often receive excellent benefits including competitive base pay, retirement assistance, generous salary options, health care, and more. Fill out your Alamo Car Rental application today and see what kind of benefits you’re offered!

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