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Avis Job Application Online

Avis does not provide a printable job application form, so use the Avis online job application form to apply for employment.

Avis Jobs Available 

Avis jobs include –  Customer Service Representative, Rental Sales Associate, Automotive Technician, Automotive Mechanic, Inventory Manager, Online Content Manager, Clarity Developer, Operations Research Analyst, Account Reconciliation Associate, Airport Manager, Programmer Analyst, Human Resources Representative, Body Damager Supervisor, No Fault Claims Examiner, Claims Litigation Specialist, Fleet Analyst, Consumer Account Collector, Fleet Accounting Manager, Fleet Disposal Analyst, Financial Analyst

Minimum Employment Age At Avis:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Avis

Avis Store Hours

Avis is open from 6am to 12am Monday through Friday, from 730am to 12am Saturday, and from 7am to 12am on Sunday.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Avis

Since its origin in 1946 as a three-car rental service at Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti, Michigan, Avis has lived by its corporate motto of “We Try Harder.” By 1953, Avis had become the second largest car rental company in the country. By 1956 it’d opened its first international offices in Europe, Canada, and Mexico.

In 1972, Avis continued to try its hardest and implemented an industry-first computer-based information and reservation system, and in 1981 instituted a vehicle tracking system appropriately named AVIS.

If you’re a hard worker who’s destined to go places, there are worse places to begin your rental career than Avis. Fill out your Avis online application form today and become a part of the second-largest car rental agency in the world.

Most Common Positions At Avis & Income Information

The most common entry-level positions at Avis include the Automotive Mechanic, Rental Sales Associate, and the Customer Service Representative.

Customer service representatives, as the name might imply, deal with customers almost entirely. One of their biggest jobs is in dealing with customers who’ve had a problem somewhere in the rental process, or who have a question that the other employees simply can’t answer. Most customer service representatives have a good bit of leeway in helping customers, and are able to contact their supervisors in the remainder of the problems.

Rental sales associates are responsible for the day-to-day rental and customer service. Most customers will interact with the retail sales associate in some way or another, including making reservations over the phone or requesting additional information or assistance with their decision or the rental process. In addition, retail sales agents are generally responsible for maintaining and keeping track of the keys, forms, and general statuses of the vehicles in the lot.

Automotive mechanics maintain, repair, and work on the vehicles that have been taken back to one of Avis’ garages for whatever reason. Mechanics should be able to work alone or in groups, and should be comfortable working with their hands and getting dirty. An extensive knowledge of cars is helpful but not required, as Avis has a fairly strong on the job training program set in place.

Most entry-level employees at Avis make slightly above minimum wage, depending on job position, previous experience, and the location of the Avis rental facility.

Avis Benefits

Avis employees are compensated with a generous benefits package which may include paid sick days, vacation time, retirement assistance, and more. Submit an Avis job application today and see what kind of benefits you can be offered.

To visit Avis’s website click here.

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