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Thrifty Car Rental Application – Apply Online At Thrifty Car Rental Today

Thrifty Car Rental Job Application Online

Since Thrifty doesn’t provide a printable job application, Thrifty Car Rental’s online job application form is the best way to pursue employment.

Thrifty Car Rental Jobs Available 

Thrifty Car Rental jobs include – Rental Sales Agent, Assistant Mechanic, Mechanic, Operations Manager, Staff Assistant, Courtesy Bus Driver (CDL), Express Agent, Return Agent, Automotive Technician, Service Agent, Transporter, Parking Cashier, Shuttler, Valet Parker, Exit Gate Booth Agent, Claims Service Agent, Internet Sales Representative, Customer Service Representative

Minimum Employment Age At Thrifty Car Rental:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Thrifty Car Rental

Thrifty Car Rental Store Hours

Thrifty Car Rental’s hours vary by location. Most Thrifty locations are open 7 days a week.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Thrifty Car Rental

Founded in 1958, Thrifty Car Rental became a publicly traded company in 1987. In 1989 it was acquired by Chrysler, which combined it with Dollar Rent a Car. Together with its franchise owners, Thrifty Car Rental brand owns or operates more than 1,000 locations in nearly 70 countries. Thrifty gained minor fame with its Blue Chip Express Rental Program which rewards frequent customers with free services.

Whether you’re an experienced car rental agent or you just always wanted to work in a fast-moving workplace and around cars, Thrifty Car Rental’s online job application for employment is the only thing standing between you and an exciting new career.

Most Common Positions At Thrifty Car Rental & Income Information

The most common positions at Thrifty Car Rental include rental sales agents, assistant mechanics, and return agents.

Rental sales agents work with customers to get them what they think they need. Not necessarily what they need, because the customer’s always right. If a family of five wants to rent a high-octane sports car, that’s more power to them, right? Rental sales agents must be intelligent enough to understand what their customers really want, and then work with them to make their dreams a reality. Since they’re part sales and part customer service, they can often have a difficult time deciding which part of their training to use, initially. This wisdom comes with experience, so watch and learn from the more experienced rental sales agents around you.

Assistant mechanics assist mechanics, to put it basically. They work on the more menial labor, and are generally called on to be a helping hand. This position is fantastic for those looking to get their foots in the mechanic’s door without having any real prior experience.

Return agents work with customers when they bring back their cars. This means that when customers bring the vehicles back, you help with luggage, directions, and any other sundries, then your attention is on the returned vehicle. Check its gas, its body for damage, check its engine lights, everything. You’re the person who submits forms to account for the discrepancies between the way it’s supposed to be and the way it is, and it can be a big job for some careless customers.

Most entry level employees at Thrifty make at or near minimum wage but, as always, the exact pay depends on the job title and physical location of the rental store.

Thrifty Car Rental Benefits

Thrifty employees receive numerous benefits including a strong base pay scale, flexible hours, paid job training, and more. To find out exactly what kind of benefits, fill out your Thrifty Car Rental application online today!

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