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Estes Express Lines Application – Apply Online At Estes Express Lines Today

Estes Express Lines Job Application Online

A solitary man in a broken down Chevrolet truck delivering produce marked the humble beginnings of a company that today has over 27,000 tractor -trailers, 13,500  employees, 213 terminals and transport freight and goods all over the United States and destinations in the Caribbean.  Offering services in LTL and truckload it is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry.  Estes also  routinely  completes international shipping to Canada and Mexico through Estes Logistica and TNT Overland.   The company is still owned privately by the Estes family and is headquartered in Richmond, VA and has built from its foundation to have a loyal customer base who appreciates the comprehensive and technologically advanced transportation company it has become while still focusing on the customer needs.  With a 99% claim free shipment record, the dependability of this company is well demonstrated in its friendly professional employees and its well-maintained fleet .  If you are interested in working for a company that is steadfast and growing and meet the qualifications for any open position, please complete and submit an Estes Express Lines online application for employment.

Estes Express Lines Jobs Available

You may submit an Estes Express Lines application form for any of the following positions:  Pickup and Delivery Driver, Hub Driver, Line-Haul Truck Driver, Teams Truck Driver, Dock Supervisor, Driver Supervisor,  Utility Truck Driver, Tractor Mechanic, Trailer Mechanic, Inside Sales Representative, Terminal Manager, Terminal Maintenance Worker, Customer Service System Dispatch, Customer Care Clerk, Jockey, Account Manager, Fuel Clerk, Freight Bill Auditor, Line-Haul Dispatcher, Key Account Representative and Logistics Center Manager.

Minimum Employment Age At Estes Express Lines:

The Estes Express Lines job application online is available to applicants 18 years of age or older.

Estes Express Lines Store Hours

Estes Express Lines hours of operation are  24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Estes Express Lines

●       For a link to the Estes Express Lines online application, on the career page choose the corresponding link for your skills and look through the job postings to find one that fits your abilities and other criteria.  If the listing has a send resume link, you will be taken to an application form that you can then submit electronically to the company.  Some locations you will be required to fill out an application at the physical address.

●       A resume is to be submitted as part of the Estes Express Lines job application form  for any position that has the send resume link . The information at the top of the application is contact and personal information and there is a place to copy and paste your resume at the bottom or type it directly in to the form if you wish.

Most Common Positions At Estes Express Lines & Income Information

The Estes Express Lines job application is the key to many positions such as Driver and Dispatcher. The most common position is as a driver or logistics manager. Salary is industry competitive and based on experience.

Estes Express Lines Benefits

Estes Express Lines offers a generous benefit  package  that includes but is not limited to Company paid benefits,  paid vacation, medical coverage, 401k retirement and Life and disability insurance, flexible scheduling, paid time off and Employee Assistance Programs. On the job training  for advancement and greater earnings are all part of the available benefits of a successful Estes Express Lines application.

To visit Estes Express Lines’s website click here.

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