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Heartland Express Application – Apply Online At Heartland Express Today

Heartland Express Job Application Online

Established in 1978, Heartland Express is a trucking company that is well known for its top-notch customer service. The have won several awards and work with high profile clients. As a result, they wish to maintain these high standards of customer service and are constantly on the lookout for talented, motivated and energetic individuals to join their team. Individuals who believe that they have what it takes to work at Heartland Express should submit a Heartland Express online application for employment.

Heartland Express Jobs Available

Applicants may submit a Heartland Express application form for one of the following positions:Customer Service Representative, Customer Service Manager, Administrative Assistant, Shop Manager, Trailer Mechanic,Truck Driver, Fleet Manager, Load Planner, Claims Adjuster, Office Associate, Detail Mechanic, Preventative Maintenance Mechanic, Driver Recruiter, Service Coordinator, Trailer Rebuild Technician, Workers Compensation Claims Adjuster, Sales Manager and Marketing Manager.

Minimum Employment Age At Heartland Express:

The Heartland Express application online is open to applicants who are 21 years of age or older. Applications by underage applicants will be rejected.

Heartland Express Store Hours

Heartland Express operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Heartland Express

  • Heartland Express online application can be submitted via the company’s career portal. Clicking on the ‘Career Center’ tab found on the top of the company’s online landing page would lead interested applicants to the career portal. Interested applicants can then browse through a list of jobs, read the requirements and apply for the ones that they are interested in. There is a separate section for driving jobs and applicants who wish to become drivers, should apply via that section.
  • An up to date resume is required and must be attached to the application. An application is only considered complete if it is accompanied with a resume. A cover letter is also mandatory and should be professionally written.

Most Common Positions At Heartland Express & Income Information

Heartland Express job application is open to individuals who are 21 years of age or older. The company hires for a number of roles but being a trucking company, it hires mainly for logistics and customer service oriented roles. However, other job opportunities are also available and interested applicants are encouraged to check the company’s career portal on a regular basis.

Depending on the role applied for, both full time and part time opportunities may be available. Applicants should specify if they are looking for a part time or a full time opening. Part time staff is usually reimbursed with an hourly wage, whereas, full time staff is paid a monthly salary.

Heartland Express Benefits

Heartland Express reimburses and rewards its employees with competitive pay rates and attractive pay packages.The pay package includes benefits such as medical coverage, health and life insurance,dental coverage and retirement benefits.Most of these benefits are exclusively for full time staff, but part time staff may also be eligible for some of them. Paid leaves may also be available.

Heartland Express’s corporate culture places a strong emphasis on employee care and development and as a result, professional and career development opportunities are provided to promising and talented candidates. The management maintains open channels of communication and listens to employee’s concerns.

Heartland Express does not discriminate and is an equal opportunity employer. The Heartland Express application for employment is open to all interested applicants with a valid work visa and a positive work attitude. Diversity is encouraged and people from all ethnicities and all walks of life are encouraged to apply.

To visit Heartland Express’s website click here.

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