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Shaffer Trucking Application – Apply Online At Shaffer Trucking Today

Shaffer Trucking Job Application Online

Since its conception in 1937, Shaffer Trucking has been a leader in nationwide temperature-sensitive and food shipments including confection, candy and beverages. The focus of Shaffer Trucking and its affiliated companies, Hunt Transportation and Crete Carrier Corporation, is to be a low-cost provider of quality transportation services and to deliver beyond a customer’s expectations. Shaffer Trucking won second place in the American Trucking Associations’ Safety Award in 2009. To apply to work with this exceptional transportation company, please refer to the Shaffer Trucking online application for employment.

Shaffer Trucking Jobs Available

You may submit a Shaffer Trucking application form for any of the following positions: dedicated drivers, regional drivers, over the road drivers, owner operators, fleet manager, accountant, customer relations associate, director of maintenance, driver payroll assistant, marketing intern, and collections assistant.

Minimum Employment Age At Shaffer Trucking:

The Shaffer Trucking job application online is available to applicants of twenty-twoor older.

Shaffer Trucking Store Hours

Recruiters are available from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.EST, Monday to Friday and from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.EST on Saturday.The recruitment office is closed Sundays.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Shaffer Trucking

  • To access the Shaffer Trucking online application system drag your mouse over the word “Careers” located on the horizontal menu bar on the company’s homepage. From the menu, click on the job position you are looking for i.e., driving versus office and shop positions.
  • Once created the Shaffer Trucking job application form is accessible by a four digit SSN login. To create an account, simply follow the page-by-page instructions and save. Application questions include location of interest (if applicable), contact information, past and current employers, education, as well as the admittance of any violations and accidents (for driving positions). Each application is assigned an application ID that is a series of numbers and letters – write down the ID for future reference.

Most Common Positions At Shaffer Trucking & Income Information

As a large national transportation company, Shaffer Trucking most commonly hires drivers and owner operators. Company drivers earn approximately $52,000 annually. In addition to applying for driver positions,career seekers are encouraged to use the Shaffer Trucking job application program to apply for positions in office and administration,as well as for jobs as tractor and trailer technicians, maintenance staff as well as customer service representatives. Most full-time non-driving positions are salaried and income may vary depending on the position itself as well as the education and experience of the applicant. Some jobs may be posted and linked to Shaffer Trucking’s affiliated companies, Hunt Transportation and Crete Carrier Corporation.

Shaffer Trucking Benefits

A successful Shaffer Tracking application may result in a career in the transportation industry, complete with a comprehensive benefits package including medical, vision and disability insurance as well as a prescription card; all effective following one month of active employment. Shaffer Trucking also provides a partial match for every dollar of the first 5% of compensation put into a 401(K). Other benefits include funeral leave, a referral fee, wellness program and paid holidays. For more information on careers with Shaffer Trucking.

To visit Shaffer Trucking’s website click here.

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