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Verlo Mattress Factory Job Application Online

Half a century ago, the Verlo Mattress Factory—founded by a pair of craftsmen friends, and named for their wives, Verna and Lois—began selling its hand-crafted mattresses to customers.  Operating on a franchise model, the Verlo Mattress Factory stores employ salespeople styled as “Craftsmen,” who work directly with each customer to determine the types of mattress features that customer will enjoy, and selling each customer a mattress direct from the factory and made to those precise specifications.  For consumers who don’t have the time—or aren’t situated near enough to a showroom location—the “Virtual Craftsman” tool on the website helps guide them through that same selection-process of mattress features before placing an online order for mattresses.  The website offers a number of consumer-oriented information services, including tips on mattress care, set-up of beds, and other sleep-related tips and information.  Based on the old-fashioned ethic of promises sealed with handshakes and individual service, the Verlo Mattress Factory has been pleasing its patrons for half a century and more, and its franchisees are taking part in that tradition as well.  You can claim your place by submitting a Verlo Mattress Factory online application for employment.

Verlo Mattress Factory Jobs Available

Manufacturing jobs are available at the factories themselves, and driving and delivery jobs between factories and retail stores, and between factories and individual consumers who order online.  Additionally, the individually franchised Verlo Mattress Factoryretail stores hire the sales staff (or “Craftsmen”) for each showroom, and managers to oversee the showroom, delivery, and customer service. You can submit aVerlo Mattress Factory application form for any of these positions.

Minimum Employment Age At Verlo Mattress Factory :

The Verlo Mattress Factory job application online is available to applicants eighteen years and older.

Verlo Mattress Factory Store Hours

Click the “Store Locator” link at the top of the website to use the search tool for Verlo Mattress Factory locations near you, and to determine each location’s hours of operation.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Verlo Mattress Factory

  • Click the “Employment” link at the bottom of the website to search for current job listings.  Even at times when there is not a job listing suitable for your situation, you can submit a Verlo Mattress Factory online application to be considered for future job openings.
  • As you consider a Verlo Mattress Factory job application form, take advantage of the information services like the company’s Facebook page, LinkedIn resource, and Twitter feed to stay updated on developments with the company and potential job openings.

Most Common Positions At Verlo Mattress Factory & Income Information

Your Verlo Mattress Factory job application can be applied to several possible areas of employment with the company, including hourly manufacturing or salaried manager jobs within the manufacturing factories; hourly sales associate and salaried manager positions within the individually franchised showroom stores; and corporate support positions such as delivery driver, accountant, website management, and other logistical support positions.

Verlo Mattress Factory Benefits

Just as the company relies on the old-fashioned values of caring for customers, it keeps a tight focus on caring for employees as well.  Those who submit a successful Verlo Mattress Factory application and qualify for benefits enjoy the advantages of life insurance, disability coverage, health insurance, paid vacation, flexible scheduling options, job security, and discounts at the retail outlets and online ordering offered by the company.

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