What Benefits Do Walmart Employees Enjoy and What Are They Missing?

From the thousands of Walmart employees and all employees for that matter, employee benefits are an important part of their compensation package. When filling out a Walmart job application, you may or may not know what the salary for the position is or what the benefits are.

In our last article, the first in our series on the Walmart workforce, we focused on the types of positions for which Walmart hires. In this second article in our series, we are going to look at the employee benefits and answer some commonly asked questions. Are the benefits the same for all employees? Do employees need to be on salary to get any sort of healthcare coverage?

Let’s look at some typical employee benefits and whether or not they apply to Walmart employees.

Employee Discount

Walmart associates get a 10% discount from the day they are hired. There are exceptions including non-produce grocery items and sale or clearance items.

Health Insurance

Full-time Walmart employees have health insurance coverage. Some also have the option to have extended coverage that includes dental, extended disability, life insurance, vision insurance, accident insurance and a flexible spending account. Hourly employees do not have the option of health insurance

Sick Days

Walmart employees have three sick days per year.

Paid Vacation or Holiday Time

Full-time Walmart employees accrue paid vacation time over the course of their first year. Vacation time is subject to blackout dates, like between Thanksgiving and New Years. Employees are asked to book their vacations as far in advance as possible.

Salaried employees receive paid time off on national holidays. Hourly employees are paid time and a half.

Family and Parental Benefits

A Walmart employee who is a parent gets maternity or paternity leave for up to 90 days according to the FMLA and as legislated by the state. Other provisions for parental leave and family medical leave are as legislated by FMLA. 

Other Benefits for Salaried Employees

Walmart employees enjoy a host of other employee benefits including:

  • Bereavement leave
  • Unpaid extended leave
  • Military leave
  • Employee assistance program (EAP)
  • Professional development
  • Retirement plan
  • Performance bonus
  • 401K plan
  • Employee stock purchase program
  • Stock options

Do the benefits apply to all employees?

Most of the benefits listed above are only available to salaried, full-time employees. Part-time or hourly employees do get the employee discount, extra pay on holidays, and more.

Walmart Employee Benefits Summarized

Walmart offers benefits to all of its employees. Salaried employees receive significantly more benefits than hourly or part-time employees including health insurance, vacation and holiday time, financial and retirement benefits, and family and parenting-related benefits. All workers receive an employee discount, and professional development opportunities.

In our next article, we look at how you can get hired at Walmart. We will look at specific skills and attributes that you can highlight to make yourself more attractive to human resources and the hiring manager who is looking at your Walmart application.

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